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I will be rich!

. . . was taped to my mirror in my bedroom as a teenager in high school.

I started listening to motivational speakers early on. I had Big Dreams. Dream Big Goal Setting Goals

Every motivational speaker I listened to told me if I dreamed big, I would get big. They said,

What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

I remember them telling us how they had their big expensive cars and bigger more expansive homes. . . . and we could too.

I tried! I bought and listened to their programs. I went to their seminars, spending money on travel and hotels. I worked hard. I built my dream board – you know, pictures of the things I wanted. I dreamed of Financial Freedom. I dreamed of owning that Cadillac.

I set my goals to achieve those dreams, but I never seemed to be able to Get the Goals I Set.

What the motivational speakers didn’t tell you was the rest of Napoleon Hill’s quote, which goes;

What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. ~~ Napoleon HillCLICK TO TWEET

“And Believe” is the key!

Not College Material

I don’t have a college degree. My Mom and Grandmother told me that I “wasn’t college material. You can’t afford to go to college.”

Well, I believed them. Wouldn’t you? They loved me. They were my family, right?

I graduated high school a quarter early, in the top 25% of my class. I was recruited into the Georgia Army National Guard with the promise of getting the GI Bill to help pay for college. I scored so high on my entrance exam, I was able to choose my career training path.

Oh, I found out after completing Basic that National Guard at that time, didn’t earn the GI Bill. You have to be in Regular Army or complete 180 days of active duty. I wasn’t and didn’t so I did not qualify for GI Bill. My recruiter lied to me.

I went to Electronics / Radio Repair (31L20 for you military folks). I not only passed, I graduated as Honor GraduateHonor Graduate was 2nd highest in the class.

Many of the members of my National Guard unit were police officers. I thought I could become a police officer and make it a career.  I applied and became a Deputy Sheriff for the local county. I was sent to the Law Enforcement Academy. I did well and graduated as Distinguished StudentDistinguished Student was 2nd highest in the class.

I spent 3 and a half years in law enforcement making just above minimum wage. I made 3 times as much doing crowd control at professional wrestling matches and high school basketball games.

I decided to take the Sargent’s exam when they offered it. I scored 2nd highest grade of all those taking it. I didn’t get promoted.

I had continued going to motivational seminars and listening to motivational tapes. I still believed I would be rich one day. I tried multi-level marketing, Amway, Herbalife, etc. Nothing worked. I never achieved my dreams.

I quit law enforcement, trying sales jobs, minimum wage jobs, dead-end jobs. I just couldn’t get the goals I set. I could not seem to achieve any of the goals I set.

Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have it?  I wasn’t stupid. I had always worked hard, scored well on all of the courses I had taken. Why couldn’t I get ahead? Why couldn’t I achieve my goals? 

I had started studying martial arts and wanted to learn more about how the mind worked. We had worked on some very cool mental exercises in class and I wanted to know more about what my mind could really do.

I signed up for hypnosis classes at Hypnosis Motivation Institute. It was the best thing I ever did.

I learned how the subconscious mind works. I learned our subconscious mind is programmed from an early age. It can be programmed with negative, limiting beliefs. This programming sets up your mind for success. . .  or the lack of success.

What you say? My own mind is sabotaging my goals?

Remember the Napoleon Hill quote I mentioned earlier:

“What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”  And, that I said the “and believe” part was the key.

Well, the subconscious mind is what determines what you believe.

Limiting Beliefs

I learned through hypnotherapy that my subconscious mind had been programmed with  the belief that I was poor and couldn’t afford to do anything. What was the most interesting thing I learned was that I had a belief that I was the 2nd best child to my Mom. My subconscious mind-set what I believed about myself.  It explained why I always earned 2nd highest, I believe. I could never be the best, be Number 1.

I felt like I was playing soccer and every time I ran down the field and kicked the ball to score my goals, the goalie would jump up and slap my goal out of the net.

The techniques I learned and now share teach proven, systematic techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind and turn those negative, limiting beliefs into positive, success-oriented, goal achieving beliefs.

I started using the techniques in the program in 1985. My career changed completely. My mind had been set into a new belief system. I learned that I could change and control my subconscious mind. I started saying to myself,

Don’t let your mind play goalie for the other team.”

Don’t let your mind play goalie for the other team. ~~ Tony Woodall @TonyWCMB #Goals #SuccessCLICK TO TWEET

Don't Let Your Mind Play Goalie For the Other Team by Tony Woodall

I was a high school graduate without a college degree. I was making $17,000 per year when I started the program.

I started setting goals to improve my income.

Within a couple of years, I DOUBLED my salary.

A few years later I DOUBLED my salary again. I still didn’t have a college degree.

In 1993, I became a consultant, another goal I had set. I was making $150 per hour and more. I had DOUBLED my income again.

I set a goal to become a Chief Information Officer. I loved IT and worked with CIOs when consulting. I wanted to be one.

In 1997, I achieved my goal to run the IT Department for a major company. I was now making a 6-Figure Salary with a 5-figure Bonus. Without A College Degree.

Do you Believe you can increase your income over 400%?  Do you believe you can achieve your goals?

Are you not achieving your goals?  Do you wonder why you can’t?

Is your subconscious mind playing goalie for the other team and slapping your goals out of the net?

I beat that goalie by changing him to play for my team. Now when I want to score, he yells, GOOOOOAAAAL!

I improved my career and my income using the proven, systematic techniques I now teach in my Goal Achievement Success System.  By putting GASS on your goals, you can POWER yourself to success.

Achieving your goal and being successful in business sometimes affects other areas of your life. Many busy entrepreneurs and executives get so caught up in work, they don’t take care of themselves.

Are you one of those busy entrepreneurs or executives? Has your success in business affected other areas of your life?

I know, that was me. I love what I did and spent a lot of time on the road traveling. As my career was growing, so was my body. I didn’t eat well. Actually, I ate too well, you know.

I had ballooned to 300 Pounds.

This was me at 185 pounds at my prime weight while a young martial artist.

Me as a 185 pound black belt.

Tony Woodall Overweight Fat Face Lose Weight Goal Setting

Me as a 300 pound, unhealthy busy executive.









I worked in the mortgage industry and had lost my dream job running IT and when the mortgage market crashed in 2008 I eventually had to take a part-time job in a grocery store bakery to make ends meet.

Well that must have been tough for a fat guy! It’s especially tough for a fat guy that loves bread.

When I started at the bakery as a Bakery Clerk, making under $10 an hour. Yes, I went from making over $100K a year to making about $10K.

I wasn’t going to let it get me down. Actually, it did. It hurt mentally and emotionally.

From 4X to 1X

When I started at the bakery I had to wear the biggest smock they had, a 4X. That’s EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA large.  It was almost too small.

I decided I didn’t want to stay a Bakery Clerk. More importantly, I didn’t want to stay a 4X.

I set my goals to lose weight and started following the techniques I had used before for my career.

Instead of just growing my career, I was going to use them to shrink my body.

I still had to work to grow my career back to where it was, I needed to be be smaller when I got there.

I worked Part-time at the bakery for over two years and was promoted to Bakery Manager. I had raised my income from $10 an hour to over $16 an hour.  But, that wasn’t the best part. I was using those same techniques to grow my career and shortly after being promoted to Bakery Manager I received a call from a recruiter. They were looking for someone with my skills to run a department at a bank.  I interviewed and was offered a position.  I was offered a 6-figure salary and bonus. I went from $16 an hour to $60 an hour.  Yes, I took the position.

The other great thing about achieving my career goal using what I share in the Goal Achievement Success System, I also achieved my weight loss goal.

I went from a 4X to a 1X when I left the bakery to start my new position at the bank. I went for 300 pounds to 235 pounds.  I lost 65 pounds using these same techniques.

Tony Woodall at Bank after losing over 60 #.

Tony Woodall at Bank after losing over 60 #.

I continued to use the program to lose more weight for a total of 90 pounds.

Is weight something you struggle with? I did and do. I had to develop new habits. I was able to do this by learning how to set goals effectively, how to change my subconscious mind to achieve goals instead of block them.

I want to share these great techniques with everyone that has trouble achieving their goals. If you’ve tried to achieve your goals and cannot seem to get there, maybe your mind is playing goalie for the other team. I want to teach others how to set goals effectively and to remove negative, limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, success-oriented, goal achieving beliefs.

I want to help you Get The Goals You Set.

I started a podcast, Goal Getting Podcast, to  help share these concepts. You can learn more about Goal Getting Podcast by clicking here.