3 Secrets I Learned to Grow My Career

Align Adapt Add Value - 3 Secrets I Learned to Grow My Career. Fast Growth Career Acceleration mihail-ribkin

I Found It, I Found It, I Found It! I was going through old boxes I’ve had in storage for the last 7 years. I was looking through old pictures from my martial arts training, old copies of different Ninja magazines I had during my early training days and there it was. I found the…

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7 Leadership Skills to Pack for Back to School

I don't think Leaders are born. Well, yes, they're born, everyone is born, but I think leadership can be enhanced, they can be developed, and I think that it's important we do that, particularly with our youngsters. Pat Williams

  It’s Back To School Time! Is your child going back to school? Regardless of their age, these 7 Leadership Skills are some of the tools every child should take with them when they go back to school. When Pat Williams is an expert in leadership. The above is a quote Pat Williams is famous…

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3 Quotes To Help Prioritize Your Goals

Schedule your Priorities - Can't See the Forest for the Trees Stephen Covey

3 Quotes to Help You Prioritize Your Goals The other day I asked one of my Goal Getters what their number one goal was the rest of this year and what their number one obstacle was to achieving that goal. Their answer was not uncommon to what most people answer. They have a problem trying…

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3 Ways Your Mind Kills Your Dreams

Dream Big! Follow Your Dreams

Dream Killers I was fascinated about motivational speakers. I loved to go to hear motivational speakers because I get really excited. It is almost riding a roller coaster.  They talk about cool things like new cars, big houses, traveling in motorhomes, luxury yachts, and the big dreams. A good motivational speaker will get you pumped…

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4 Ways To Fight Fears that Cripple Your Success

Fear of Public Speaking higher than Fear of Death?

Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, The Impostor Syndrome are fears that affect our success.  Do you suffer from these?  I wrote the speech linked here for my 10th Speech in the Competent Communicator manual for Toastmasters International. I am a member of a company Toastmasters Club.  Completing the CC as it is called is…

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