S3-I4 – Creativity is Key – How to Master the Craft of Creativity with Bob Stromberg

 We were all made to create. That longing and ability are woven into our genes.
~ Bob Stromberg


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3 Steps to Creativity


GRAB anything that grabs you emotionally.
Write, notate, record thoughts, ideas, expression, experience.

INTERROGATE to find the truth.
Why are you grabbing it? Why are you thinking of this? What causes it to effect you.

TRANSFORM to something you can use.
It’s the Aha moment when you realize what you can use that idea for. Transform the thought, the idea into something you can use.


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Bob’s Bio Shows His Creativity

For over thirty years Bob Stromberg has been delighting audiences of all ages with his perfect blend of stand-up, story and shtick. Always clean, his presentation is a disarming healthy blend of knee-slapping comedy and wholesome encouragement.

Bob’s facilitates surprising laughter with an arsenal of gifts including physical comedy, a non-threatening touch of audience participation and yes…even hand shadows, which the London Metro described as “stunning”. Add to this hilarious and tender stories from his own experience and audiences leave amazed, refreshed and different than when they came.

He has been a featured and favorite emcee for many large stadium and arena gatherings. He has written Finding the Magnificent in Lower Mundane, the award winning, beautifully illustrated family story The Miracle at Stinky Bay and the best selling Why Geese Fly Farther Than Eagles. He is known by many for his appearances on the awarding winning TV comedy Bananas.

Comedic Creativity

Perhaps most notably, he coauthored and starred in the mega-hit theatrical production Triple Espresso, ( A Highly Caffeinated Comedy). From it’s start in Minneapolis, Triple Espresso, described by the Los Angeles Times as “…a triple jolt of inspired craziness” grew to ten casts, has been seen by over two million people in sixty cities from Seattle to The West End of London and become the longest running stage production in the history of San Diego, Minneapolis and the entire state of Iowa. In his role, the Chicago Sun Times described Bob as “…a mesmerizing physical comedian.

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