EP-30: Joe Pardo – How To Dream and Start Living the Dream

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Joe Pardo Dreamers Podcast and Living the Dream Podcast DisneyJoe Pardo, a New Jersey-based dreamer, has always believed that society starts with you, and that to change society you must first change how you think.

Joe’s innate curiosity about people inspired him to start the motivational Dreamers Podcast [www.HowToDream.co]. He jokingly now considers himself a “recorder of dreams.”


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Limiting Beliefs

Working on a team. Sometimes my passion gets away from me and I get frustrated with others don’t share the same passion to get things done.


What Quote Hangs On Joe’s Wall?

When I spoke to Joe one day on a Skype call I mentioned asking this question and he turned his video camera around to show me one of the quotes that was literally hanging on his wall.


Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy.
~~ Joe Pardo


Laughter is Timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever!

~~ Walt Disney


Society Starts With You

~~ Joe Pardo


There are two types of people in the world. There’s dreamers and there’s haters. The only difference in the two are the haters gave up on their dreams.

~~ Kanye West


What are Joe’s Success Habits?

Tries to listen to his body and know when he needs to hit the Reset Button. Learning how to get out of stress without going to sleep.  Watches something funny to make him Laugh!


What Book Does Joe Recommend?

Kimanzi Constable & Jared Easley

Stop Chasing Influencers









The Myth of Multi-Tasking – How “Doing It All” gets nothing done.

[amazon template=image&chan=goalgettingpodcast&asin=0470372257]


I recommend you read Joe’s book. Short & Sweet with great information. As Joe says, it the book for people that don’t like to read.

[amazon template=image&chan=goalgettingpodcast&asin=1515164829]

Joe’s New Platform Building Solution

Your Dream Platform.com (coming soon).

Parting Words of Wisdom

I believe Everything pay rent!

Everything has to be necessary to provide value to you.

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