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I love going to Motivational Seminars!   I get so excited when I hear the speaker talking about how I should Dream Big!  Set those Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!   Dream Big – Dream Often!

Have you ever walked out of a motivational seminar so excited, that your heart is pumping faster, tears come to your eyes and you get that feeling in your gut that makes you want to just go out and do what it takes to achieve your dream?

I have! I do!  Every time I go to a seminar about something that I want to do or be I get excited. Maybe I’m just over emotional.  But I love the excitement of working hard to achieve my dreams.  You have to have dreams.  You have to have Big Dreams!

I used to go home excited and start thinking about my dreams and what I needed to do to achieve those dreams.  I would read the speakers books, I would listen to their tapes (yes, I said tapes. I started with these dreams since I was a kid, back when motivational “Tapes” were the thing).

I never seemed to succeed at my dreams. I tried, I studied and I read all of the top motivational books. I never seemed to get above 2nd place in anything. I never was #1 in the things I tried to excel at.

When I started studying martial arts, I wanted to excel at it. We practiced several meditation techniques and mental awareness methods to be able to perceive danger. I was fascinated by what my mind was capable of doing. This lead me to want to learn more about the mind and how it worked. I signed up for a hypnosis class nearby. I started learning more and more about the subconscious mind and how it worked. I went on to complete the entire program and graduated and became a trained hypnotherapist.

After working with one of the therapists, I learned that my mind had me thinking I was only 2nd best. It went back to internal feelings that my mother cared more for my sister than me. This went back to things that occurred in my childhood and was totally unfounded, BUT, my subconscious mind kept the thought that I was only #2, not #1.

Therefore, I could never achieve #1 status in anything I tried. There were other beliefs that my subconscious mind held as truths or “knowns” that weren’t necessarily accurate, but were beliefs that it held. I found out that my subconscious mind believed one thing and because of that, it wouldn’t let me achieve something counter to that belief.

If I set a goal and tried to achieve that goal, my own subconscious mind would sabotage my efforts to achieve that goal. It was like it just jumped up and slapped the ball away before it went into the net!

My mind was playing goalie for the other team!

Don't Let Your Mind Play Goalie For the Other Team by Tony Woodall

Are you struggling with this?  Are you trying to achieve your goals but don’t seem to be able to Get The Goals You Set?

Are you attending motivational seminars, reading all of the great self-help books to stay motivated and inspired?

Does it seem like every time you try to Achieve Your Dream that it you just fall short?  Maybe your mind is playing goalie for the other team, too.

Maybe you want to achieve your goals, your dreams. Why can’t you?

The Enemy of Change

The Biggest Enemy of Change – Homeostasis

The most powerful force in nature – the innate drive to stay the same.

When we get too hot, the body sweats to cool off.

When we get too cold, the body shivers to generate warmth.

It’s not just at the physiological level, but mental as well. It’s all about a Life Script. 98% of what we did is Automatic.

We Walk, Talk, Breath automatically. We don’t have to think about it! The Body Does It, Automatically.

Homeostasis wants us to stay the same. To stay according to what is Known to our Subconscious Mind

How does my Subconscious Mind work?

Subconscious Mind 1 - BlankAn Open Book

At birth our subconscious mind is blank, it is an “open book” ready for writing our life script.

Our primary caretakers have a great impact on our belief systems and what gets put into our subconscious mind as Knowns.

Our subconscious mind reacts to Knowns and Unknowns. When our mind is in this open state, anything that goes into our subconscious mind is a Known. It doesn’t really matter what that belief is.

Who is a primary caretaker?  Parent’s, babysitters, religious leaders, authority figures, etc. are typically the primary caretakers. The persons or entity that spends the most time with or exerts the most attention on the child. This can be people or things.

Things? Yes, Television, Radio, etc. can be that authority figure, or primary caretaker. Do your children spend all day in front of the TV watching people that you tell them are people they should watch and / or listen to?  They are transferred authority figures.

Subconscious Mind 2Positive and Negative Knowns

As we grow from ages 0-6 years old, we start learning our beliefs, as knowns in the subconscious mind. The beliefs of our family, relatives, authority figures, etc., our Primary Caretakers enter our subconscious mind as knowns. These beliefs can be positive or negative, but they become knowns to our mind.

If our primary caretakers have the belief that “Money is the root of all evil.” or “Rich people don’t care about anyone but themselves,” and they teach that belief system with us at this age, there is a likelihood we will have that belief ingrained in our subconscious mind.

Even if that negative belief isn’t transferred from one to another, a “positive” belief like “we don’t need a lot of money, we are happy with what we have”, may end up becoming a limiting belief in our subconscious mind. This limiting belief could later manifest itself in such a way that when we try to set a goal to be wealthy or to make a higher level of income from what our family knew, our subconscious mind can sabotage our attempts to achieve those goals.

Subconscious Mind - Critical Mind Filter 1The Critical Mind Filter

Around the age of 6-8, our mind starts developing the Critical Mind Filter. This is the time where the subconscious mind start creating the blocking mechanism to prevent unknowns from registering with the mind and rejecting new beliefs or attempts to change our behaviors.


The subconscious mind hates unknowns, regardless if they are negative or positive.  The same way it accepted positive or negative beliefs as knowns, it will reject unknowns whether positive or negative.

Subconscious Mind - Critical Mind Filter 2

The Critical Mind Filter will reject changes that are unknown to it.

Let’s say you want to increase your income and you and your family have never had anyone that made more than minimum wage earnings. If you were to start trying to set goals to increase your income, to get a better job that could pay more than what you “know”, your mind could start doing things to sabotage those goals.

Many of the common fears that we are aware of such as Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Poverty, the Impostor Syndrome are attempts by the subconscious mine and the Critical Mind Filter to block our attempts to put beliefs and thoughts that are Unknowns into our mind.


The Goal Achievement Success System

I am renaming the “Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em Program” to the “Goal Achievement Success System” because it is a system that teaches techniques and tools to bypass the Critical Mind Filter and get new positive, goal achieving , success beliefs into the subconscious mind.Subconscious Mind - Critical Mind Filter -- Change Beliefs

The system teaches the 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement (get your Free Copy of the 9 Steps Poster Here) that use the steps that people know as S.M.A.R.T. Goals and expands them to include steps that directly impact and affect the subconscious mind and bypass the critical mind filter.

These 9 Steps are put into a 3 Keys to Goal Getting Success that teach you how to create goals and then begin a process to put the goals into actionable plans for successful achievement.

These 3 Keys to Goal Getting Success are:

  • The What – Defining What You Want to Achieve
  • The How – How Do You Get The Goal You Set
  • The Why – Why Do I Want To Achieve My Goal

These 3 Keys to Goal Getting Success are the framework for learning how to start changing the limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind into success seeking, goal-oriented, powerful beliefs that will help you Get The Goals You Set! These 3 Keys will get you ready to start changing your subconscious mind into a Mental Bank that will increase your beliefs systems on money, success and happiness.

The Mental Bank Method

The Mental Bank Method of the Goal Achievement Success System will begin working on bypassing the critical mind filter to start changing the negative, limiting beliefs into positive, life changing beliefs. This proven method has changed incomes and lives for many people.

We will cover this Mental Bank Method starting in the next episode, so join us next week as we start learning how to have the best year of your life.


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