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3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting

Have you ever set New Year’s Resolutions?

Toward the end of every year people start planning what they want to do or change for the coming year. They set New Year’s Resolutions

A lot of people set resolutions… Most never complete them.

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t work.

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Resolutions are defined on Dictionary.com as:

  1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.

2.a decision or determination; a resolve: to make a firm resolution to do something.

Goal Setting Works!


Today we are going to cover what I believe are the 3 Critical Concepts of Goal Setting. As we get into the rest of the episodes of the Goal Getting Podcast we will learn more.


Today I want to share these three with you.

The 1st Concept, I call:

The What!

Goal Setting Concept - The What

The What – Clearly Defined, Written Goals

What is your goal?

Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich – Interviewed successful people of his time:

J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie to name two.

One Underlying theme – Clearly Defined, Written Goals!

Every successful person had Clearly Defined, Written Goals.

2 Key points here – Clearly Defined & Written Goals

Write Your Goals Down!

That is the 1st Step that I’ve outlined in the 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement eBook I’ve created for you, because it is one of the most important steps you should take.

Writing your goals down anchors them in the mind. It also provides a visual queue.

It also gives you something to go back to when you need to remind yourself What you want to achieve.

Clearly Defined is the other key point.

New Year’s Resolutions – #1 is Weight Loss

January to April – Gyms packed – Regulars hate this time of year.

Know it will be over in April as most New Year’s Resolutionists will stop coming… will give up.

NYR’s just “said” to themselves, My Resolution is to lose weight.

I’ve set a goal for coming year to lose weight as well. Not a NYR, but a GOAL.

My goal is:

I will get out of bed on Friday, May 1st, Next Year and step on the scale to read that I now weigh 185 pounds. Excited, I will put on my new 36 inch waist jeans.

That is a Specific Goal.       “Specific is Terrific!”


When you Set the What, be as specific as possible.


What is one of your goals?   Have you set a Clearly Defined, Written Goal?


The Second Concept, I call

The HOW!


The How sets up action steps that can be measured and tracked.

The How! – Measurable Actions

When I talk about the How, I am talking about the

Measurable Actions you need to take to achieve the Goal you Set.

If Goal was to Win the Lottery – and I Hope it isn’t

Measurable Action would be to BUY a Lottery Ticket.

If you’re not in it, you can’t win it!


But let’s assume you’re smarter than that and have set a realistic goal.


How do you go about achieving it?   What are the Measurable Actions needed?

Let’s take the weight loss goal.   There is only one real way to lose weight, one real “Diet” that you should follow. That is what I call the

“eL & eM Diet”  or “L & M Diet”
the Less & More or Eat Less & Exercise More Diet!

The key to weight loss it to Burn more calories than you Take in each day. That’s the bottom line for any diet that you choose.

Eat Less Calories and Burn More Calories – eL & eM!

Did you know it takes 3500 Calories to burn 1# of Body Fat!

If you have a 500 Calorie Deficit each day (Burn 500 calories more than you Eat), in 1 Week you will lose 1 Pound!

That’s 7 days times 500 calories for a total of 3500 calories burned.

Health & Fitness Experts say that 2 pounds a week is a safe goal for weight loss.

So, How much of a calorie deficit do you need to maintain to achieve a 2 # per week loss?

1000 calories.

Now that we know that, we can SET a Measurable Action Plan to achieve that.

You have control over both the amount of calories you eat and the amount you burn.

Determine your normal calorie burn each day. I like to use a fitness wearable device that tracks my steps and gives me a calories burned count.

This sets up my base burn rate. From there I need to know what how many more calories I need to burn to meet my Burn Goal.

On eating less, check with your doctor to learn what a good calorie intake level is for you. It is important to check with your doctor when doing any kind of weight loss program. Don’t do something that’s unhealthy or dangerous.

Let’s say you want to set a daily calorie consumption goal of 1200 calories.

PLAN What you need to eat to do that. I had a weight loss goal a couple years ago and set mine at 1200 calories per day.

300 at breakfast – 400 at lunch – 300 at dinner – 200 for snacks

It really was easy to maintain that amount for me and still eat well.

To achieve a 500 calorie deficit at the end of the day, I would have to burn at least 1700 calories that day. If I wanted to have double that, I would want to burn 3400 calories that day.

Now, what is your daily base burn amount? If you normally burn about 2000 calories a day with your daily activity, you only need to burn 1400 more calories per day.

What can you do to burn that? Check it out. Find what it is, and then Do It!

Write down what your goal is for burning Calories. Each day, write down what you did to accomplish that goal. Track how many calories you burned that day.

Write down what your goal is for eating calories. Each meal, track what you eat and how many calories you consume that day.

Keep track of what you did each week and you will know how well you are doing. Keep yourself on track.


The 3rd Concept, I call The WHY!

Why do you want to achieve this goal?

The WHY – Why do you want it?


To me – This is the most important concept in goal setting.

I tried for years to set goals, to achieve goals and often did not.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t achieve my goals. . . . Until I learned WHY I wanted to achieve them.

This was the biggest AHA moment in study of goals.

And WHY is the WHY important?

When you get tired, when you get FED UP, when you want to QUIT –

Think of the WHY!    WHY am I doing what I am doing? WHY did I set this goal.

If your goal to lose weight was to be able to walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding, think about that, visualize that.

If your goal to lose weight was to be healthy and live long enough to be able to watch your child graduate from college, think about that. Visualize yourself watching your kids walking on the stage and accepting their diploma, throwing their tassel to the other side of their cap.

When you get down, when you get tired of it, when you want to quit

Ask yourself WHY! If you know your WHY, you will be able to stay motivated, stay in the game, stay the course.

When you think of the What, The How and The Why like 3 circles, in a Venn Diagram, the center connection of the three is Successful Achievement of Your Goals.

Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em

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