EP-1: Be SMART About It! Set SMART Goals

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 S. M. A. R. T.

No, not a top-secret government spy agency. But a concept for creating more effective goals.  By setting SMART Goals, you will be ahead of the game.  You will be closer to successful goal achievement.

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When creating Clearly Defined, Written Goals make them as specific as possible.

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Goals should be quantifiable. Set an action plan that can be tracked.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

What Gets Measured Gets Done








Goals should be able to be achieved.  Don’t set goals that you know will not be attainable.


Realistic doesn’t mean easy! Set goals that are just outside of your comfort zone.  They should be a little uncomfortable.  If asked if they can be achieved and you don’t have to think about it before saying yes, it is probably too easy.

Goals shouldn’t be “Delusional”!


Set goals that have to be achieved with a defined time frame.  If there is not deadline it won’t get done.

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SMART Goals are important steps. However, they are not sufficient by themselves.  This is why I came up with MORE.

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