S2-E13: Without Change, There is No Growth – Bud Malmstrom

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Without change, there is no growth.
-Bud Malmstrom


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If you want to be different. . .

My best friend and martial arts Sensei, Bud Malmstrom, uses this saying in his classes often. Every living thing changes, or must change, for without that change there would be no growth. A seed must change to be come a tree. A fruit must change from a bud, to a flower to the fruit. Without that change we just have plants, leaves. But, we wouldn’t have that if the seed didn’t change.

We must change as people if we want to grow. We must change if we want to change. If you want to be different than you are today, you have to do things differently than you did before.

Your goal is to lose weight, let’s say. Regardless of your WHY, you must change something you were doing before. The best way to learn what you can or need to change it to start by journaling your day.  Start with waking up and finish before you go to bed. (Do before you start your Magic 30 Minutes of the Goal Achievement Success System Mental Bank program).

When you journal, try to be as specific as possible and complete as possible. If you sit on the couch after work for an hour, watching TV, having a glass of wine or a beer to relax and snacking on some chips or pretzels before you get up to start dinner…. Don’t forget to enter that.

When you complete a week start looking at the activities that you do each day.

What times do you eat anything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any and all snacking. How often are you snacking and what are you eating for those snacks. How many drinks are you having that have alcohol in them.

Why am I concentrating on what you eat? It will be much easier for you to change your eating habits when you get started than it will be to change your activity habits. If your goal is to lose weight, what you eat is 80% of the work you will have to do. That’s the biggest issue that we have in being overweight.

Let’s look at what we can change on this list. What are you snacking on during the day?  If you remember MY DOCTORS recommendations, I was allowed 200 calories for snacks during the day. You can snack, but you will want to limit your snacking to the right foods.

Snacking is often a bad habit we have created as a response to a trigger. I talked about this and how to change your bad snacking habits in Episode 9 of Goal Getting Podcast titled Taming My Tiger.

If you can’t find it on iTunes, you can go to GoalGettingPodcast.com/episode-9 and click the link in the Show Notes Page at GoalGettingPodcast.com/s2e13 to listen.

I discussed above a scenario that many of us have encountered. Tired from work, we have a beer or some wine and snack on chips or something like that. Both of these choices are full of unnecessary calories, especially before preparing dinner.  Each drink is between 110 – 300 calories. The chips or other snack food is likely as much or more, depending on the quantity you eat.

If you can change that one habit when you come home, you will reduce your calorie consumption by 300-1000 calories each day. That is a big change and a big step forward toward the goal you set.

Review your eating habits. When does your Tiger go on the prowl?  Tame Your Tiger and reduce the craving for those high calorie snacks. Make that little change that you can control. When you do it, Reward Yourself with something (non-food related).  Buy yourself something. Treat yourself to a movie, but stay away from the popcorn and candy.

You can make the small changes and it will help you grow. Or, in the case of a weight loss goal, help you shrink, physically but grow emotionally and mentally when you realize how successful you have been.

Go Out Today and Make A Samll Change You Can Control and Grow

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