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The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
~ Albert Einstein

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The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

 Thoughts become things

We are who we are because of what we think. The only way to change who or what we are is to change our thinking. One of my favorite websites is TUT.com and their motto is

Thoughts become things – choose the good ones.

This is very true. We are what we think. We are what we say we are. Negative self-talk is negative programming into our subconscious mind. When we are think about things, we should always be thinking positive, success-oriented thoughts. You have a choice over your thoughts. You control who you are by the thoughts you think. Choose the good ones. Go check out TUT.com and register for them to send you positive good thoughts to your inbox.

Today we will talk about starting our #WorkOnWellness journey. As we #WorkOnWellness, we are going to change our minds thoughts about what we want. We are going to talk about our goals for wellness

If you have your copy of the Goal Setting Worksheets I mentioned in our previous episode, follow along. If you need them, go to GoalGettingPodcast.com/action and pick them up. Pause the show now and go get them and when you come back we will get started.

OK, you have your worksheets. Let’s look at the top of the page. As you see, we have three sections. These are the 3 Keys to Goal Setting Success.

This Goal Achievement Success System tool is designed to help you define The What, The How and The Why for each major goal you will set.

Today we are going to focus on The What – What do you want to achieve?

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions? How’s that working out for you? At the end of February, most people have already started to forget or quit their New Year’s Resolutions.  Why?

They didn’t set them as goals. They just said they resolved to change or do something. As we get into the 3 Keys to Goal Setting Success, you will start to understand why they don’t work.

Defining The What – what you want to achieve requires the following steps from the 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement.

  1. Write It Down
  2. Be Realistic
  3. Set A Deadline

Write It Down

Napoleon Hill explained in his book, Think & Grow Rich, that the most successful people of his time had Clearly Defined Written Goals. Most people don’t write their goals down.

Most New Year’s Resolutions are not written down. Most New Year’s Resolutions are not clearly defined. What was your New Year’s Resolution?  Was it To Lose Weight? Was it To Live A Healthier Lifestyle? Was it to get a new job?

When we write our goals down, when we define The What, we want to use clearly defined speech. We want to be specific about what we want. I like to say “Specific is Terriffic”. You will see that on the upper right corner of the worksheets. Specific is the S in SMART goals.

Be Realistic

Big Hairy Audacious Goals are important. Your goals should be set outside of your comfort zone. You want to dream big! You want to stretch yourself. You want to make it hard to achieve the goals.

But, you don’t want to set unrealistic goals. Realistic is usually a time constraint or an ability constraint. If you set a goal to graduate from college in 1 year, that is probably unrealistic, for most people. Graduating from college is an achievable goal. Graduating in one year without having started any courses is not likely.

Your goals have to be achievable. Be Realistic is the A in SMART Goals as well as the obvious R. To me Realistic and Attainable are essentially the same thing. If they aren’t attainable then it’s usually unrealistic to assume you can achieve them. If the time frame you set to achieve them isn’t a realistic time frame, than they would be unattainable.  This is why we have only Be Realistic as one of the 9 Steps.

Set A Deadline

A dream without a deadline is only a wish! This is the T in SMART goals. T is typically set as Time-bound. You must have a defined time you are going to achieve your goal by. Creating a deadline puts a sense of urgency. It puts a finite end to what you are trying to accomplish. Without a deadline, there is no hurry to achieve. You will get to when you get to it. That’s not a goal, that’s a wish.

Let’s Get Started Writing

Take out your Goal Setting Worksheet and a pen. Yes, I said a pen. You didn’t think you were going to type it in did you?

We want to hand write our goals on the worksheet. We want to hand write them in cursive, in longhand. What? You don’t know how to do that? I understand they are no longer teaching that in schools. Bad Mistake.

We use cursive in the Goal Achievement Success System because the process of handwriting doesn’t take conscious thought. At least not as an adult and most kids don’t have to after they learn how.  The process of handwriting uses the autonomic nervous system, much like riding a bicycle. Once you learn, your body is conditioned to do it. The subconscious mind controls the process. Just like breathing. You don’t have to think about breathing, you just do.

In The What box let’s start writing down what we want to achieve, careful to use all of the steps.

Here’s the example of WHAT I want to achieve for my primary goal:

I want to reduce my A1C numbers to below 6.0 by July 1st, 2016. I will achieve my goal weight of 185 pounds by December 20th of 2016. I will have a 34 inch waist by this time and be able to see my abdominal muscles without all of the fat.

The What for my primary goal is Realistic (and attainable).  A deadline has been set for the weight loss that is realistic. A deadline has been set for the lowering of my A1C. I know it’s realistic. I know both of these deadlines and this wellness goal is realistic because I have lost 40 pounds  in 16 Weeks. When I did that, I had lowered my A1C to below 6.0. I know it is possible.  It will be a stretch, but I know it’s achievable.

If I DO what I need to DO to achieve it. That’s The How and we will talk about The How on our next Episode.

What is your What? What do you want to achieve?   I’d like to review Your What. I’d love for you to email me, or better yet, comment on the show notes page at GoalGettingPodcast.com/s2e2

Write down your what in the comments section or send me an email with it to Tony at Goal Getting Podcast dot com

OK, you are on your way to your journey to #WorkOnWellness.

I’ll see you back next episode on Goal Getting Podcast.

Go Out Today and Remember, Thoughts Become Things, Choose The Good Ones.


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