S2-E7: Is running barefoot through the grass good for your health?

My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass. -Terri Guillemets

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The title of this episode asks a great question. Is running barefoot through the grass good for you. Well if you have tender feet like I do, maybe not. But Terri Guillemets quote isn’t about really about whether running barefoot through the grass is good for you physically. It’s talking about philosophically or more so mentally good for you.

We are not talking about a weight loss goal in this series on Goal Getting Podcast. We are focusing on a #WorkOnWellness goal. Wellness doesn’t just encompass weight loss, but if that is something we need to do, then it is part of it. The reason I like this quote and why I chose it as part of the series is because we are working on our wellness. Wellness is all health, Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Terri’s quote is about mental and emotional health. It is about stress. It is about work related stress. I like the way she thinks.

Take a little time away from the paperwork, the work life, the stress of life and enjoy running barefoot through the grass.

Running barefoot through the grass conjures up mental images of being free spirited on a beautiful sunny day, taking our shoes off on a large luxurious lawn and rubbing our toes through the cool grass. The feeling of the cool grass under our feet as we play in the morning or afternoon sun.  It sounds relaxing and is relaxing. I have run barefoot through the grass many times and the quote brings back those memories.

We spend too much time working sometimes and we need to take Terri’s advice and let ourselves go outside if you can and take in the sun, the grass if you have it. But the key thought is for better health, take a chill pill! Relax away from work and enjoy a quiet fun time.

Go Out Today  and Run Barefoot Through The Grass.  But Keep Your Clothes On.


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