S2-E8: To Do The Impossible or To Do The Possible Is Determined By You

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.
-Tommy Lasorda


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If you think it’s impossible or possible, you are right. Tommy Lasorda was a great Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Lasorda was a blueblood in baseball. That’s because he bled Dodger Blue.  He was a great team motivator. This quote is truth in my book and on my podcast.

Are you thinking, “There’s no possible way I could lose 40 Pounds in 16 Weeks. Just because Tony did that, doesn’t mean I can.”

Or are you thinking. “Wow! I could lose 40 Pounds in 16 Weeks. I have the time to do what he said he did. I want to lose the weight so I can live a life of wellness and fulfillment. I can do this.”

Well, You’re Right!

Both statements are true. Both are fact. Tommy Lasorda explains the truth to both of those statements.

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.

a person’s determination; how bad do they want it; what’s their motivation; What’s Their Why?

A person’s determination is created by their motivation. It is governed by, ruled by the reason. How bad you want it is powered by your WHY.

We’ve talked about The What and The How. Today I want to get into and get to your Why!

The Why is the 3rd Key to Goal Setting Success. You could argue that it’s really the first key of the 3 Keys. Without knowing and understanding Your Why you may not be able to know the difference between the impossible and the possible.

So what is The Why?

The Why is just what it says. It is the real reason for your motivation. We talk about being motivated to achieve our goals, motivated to succeed.  Whether you follow the original 5 Stage version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or the extended 7 Stage version, there are basic needs that motivate people, you and me.

Each person is different. What affects me or motivates me is not what motivates you. My needs are different than yours.  I also believe that our motivations and needs can be different for each goal or dream that we have. It is important to understand what motivates us want to achieve each of the goals we set if we want to achieve them.

The key to being successful in goal setting is understanding what YOUR WHY is. Why do you want to achieve this particular goal at this time.

How do you know what your Why is? Your WHY will probably be something you weren’t thinking about initially once you start this Whysercize.

My primary goal this year is is to #WorkOnWellness. We have to understand what wellness is. Wellness is not just being a certain weight. Wellness is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We should have a mixed balance in all of these areas and we will be well.

The first part of this #WorkOnWellness goal is to get down to 185 pounds.

Why do you want to get down to 185 pounds?

I want to be healthier.

What does being healthier mean to you?

Being healthier to me means to not have Type 2 Diabetes, to not have to take 3-4 types of medicine to control my blood sugar, not have to take high blood pressure medicine, to not have to take cholesterol medicine. I hate having to give myself insulin shots and worry about taking medicines with me whenever I travel.

Why do you not like to take all of that medicine?

It’s inconvenient to sort, to store it, to remember to take it.

If it will help save your life why is that a problem?

I hate having to pay $300-400 per month for medicines that I shouldn’t have to take in the first place. If I took better care of myself and lost down to my goal weight, which is 185 pounds, I would lower my blood sugars and not have to take all of those medicines. I would save myself 3-400 dollars a month that I could use on other things.

So your main reason for wanting to lose weight to your goal weight is to get off of the medication and save $400 a month?

Yes, and to live longer and be able to enjoy life.

And actually, living a longer, more enjoyable life is a benefit of reaching your #WorkOnWellness goal. . . . but not the main reason.  For me, yes. That’s part of the vision, part of My Why, but I see it more of a benefit received when I reach that goal, not the why itself. My Why is to wasting money on medicine I shouldn’t have to take if I took better care of myself.

OK, That’s my “Whysercise” to get to the real why FOR ME. Yea, I want to live a longer life. I want to be able to do things with my grandkids, if I ever have any. But, for me, my why, the reason I want to lose my weight is so I can keep the money I work hard for and be able to spend it on fun, exciting, memorable things.

Wait, you say! You don’t have to pay for those medicines. You could just stop taking them and not have pay for them.

You know you’re right. And I did that for years. Remember, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1997. It’s almost 20 years later. I went through a period of of denial and not doing what I needed to do. I ended up reaching a weight of 296 pounds.

When you go to the doctor because your knees are hurting and he tells you, “Thin people don’t have this problem” or they asks you, “Which foot do you think I will have to amputate first?” or “You should start learning braille now, so when you do go blind you will be able to read.”

And I asked him, “Can I just keep doing it ’til I need glasses?”  Wait, sorry that’s a different topic the doctor and I were talking about when I was younger, FLASHBACK

Anyway, the point is, I don’t want to lose a foot, go blind or die. So, as I get older . . . and wiser, I realize that if I want to be able to buy my dream car or go to Bora Bora, I am going to need that extra money.

Hopefully you get my point.

What’s Your Why? Find Your Why. Do your Whysecise and let me know Why you are #WorkingOnWellness.

Go Out Today – Find Out Why You’re Doing What You Do and Then Do It


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