S2-E48 – Do You Procrastinate, Delaying Your Success?

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“Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success.”   ― Israelmore Ayivor

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Good day my friend. Today I want to present a quote for one of my good friends and coaching client that is fighting the battle with Procrastination. Do You Procrastinate and Delay Your Success?

We all suffer through procrastination at some time in our life. If you don’t today just wait until tomorrow. OK, that was a bad attempt at a joke. But, for many if not most people it is a constant struggle. It isn’t caused by you. Well, not consciously anyway. It is caused by your subconscious mind.

The quote is true. We get bits and pieces of our success. When we procrastinate, we lose that day’s helping of success. If you procrastinate, that time cannon be made up. You lose it. Do you want to lose any part of your success?


Procrastination is a tool of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind uses Fears to control our lives. The Fear of Failure, the Fear of Success are two fears that are often manifested by the subconscious as procrastination. Our subconscious mind, if not programmed to understand success as a known it will start using fears to sabotage your own success. The Fears of Success and Failure are both the same but different. Don’t you hate it when people use that saying – “the same but different”. You can’t be the same and different or can you. They are the same in that your subconscious mind doesn’t recognize success. It doesn’t understand it. It isn’t positive or negative, it just is. Depending on how we are raised, how our environment was around us as we were growing up, the subconscious mind will view it differently.

Fear of Failure

If I was brought up within a successful thought process, than I could have a fear of failure. Our parent may have shown disfavor when we didn’t achieve what was expected of us, what they wanted or thought we should do. Because we didn’t meet up to their expectations we were derided or not shown positive responses. Our subconscious mind can cause us to think that if we fail at what we are trying to achieve, then we will once again be derided or shown disfavor. To prevent this from happening, our mind set about not letting us complete the tasks that would lead to this activity. Procrastination is the tool, the way for the mind to prevent this situation from occurring.  You can’t fail if you don’t start. 

But, You Do! Not starting is a failure to accomplish what you wanted to start. Then the mind starts saying the next time, “What, You have never completed anything before. What makes you think you can do it now? The Impostor Syndrome then start to move into your mental house.

Fear of Success

Our subconscious mind, when it doesn’t recognize success as a known, it will often present in the form of Fear Of Success. You start trying to do something that could make you successful and it your own mind starts freaking out.

“Wait, you’ve never been successful at this kind of thing.  You can’t make $5000 per week. You’ve never made more than $2500 a month. How are you going to make that kind of money?”

The mind, when it doesn’t recognize our actions and thoughts as knowns, it will start to sabotage your success. It will do things to keep you from doing what it does not know. It will make you procrastinate.

It doesn’t matter if that change is positive, it will not recognize you doing it and then do whatever it can to shut you down; to protect you!  It’s not being mean. It wants to make sure that you are doing what it recognizes as it’s own truth.

One of it’s biggest tools is PROCRASTINATION. ”

Hey, you have so much else to do right now. Housework needs to get done right now. You need to go work in the yard. Hey, you haven’t seen all of the episodes of Justified. You know you can watch them on Amazon Prime, right. Let’s sit down and watch just one episode.”

Unfortunately, that one episode turns into 3-5 and the next thing you know, 3-5 hours has passed and the time you were going to work on writing your book, recording that podcast episode, whatever you goal is. The tasks you need to do to complete them are replaced with activities that do not accomplish your goals.

Wait I spent 3-5 hours researching stuff for what I am trying to do. Really? I heard and believe that 85% of research is Procrastination. If we have to do research on a topic to complete our goals, then make that a timed task that you need to complete. Research is important, but don’t use it as an excuse. If you time-box for research, you will recognize that your subconscious mind is trying to sabotage you when that time starts getting wasted on other non-productive tasks. Non-productive in the accomplishment of your goals.

Your Subconscious Mind will make you procrastinate to destroy your dreams.

But you can change that. You can change the unknowns into knowns while at the same time working to achieve your dreams. You can reprogram your subconscious mind to think of this success as a known. You can change your own mind into recognizing that making $5000 per week or even per day is a known. When it recognizes what it is like putting tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account every week or day, it will then stop sabotaging you. It will then start removing those negative voices and limiting beliefs with positive, success-seeking beliefs.

That’s what I did after I learned The Mental Bank Method and why I incorporate this technique into the Goal Achievement Success System. This is how I was able to go from working at low paying jobs making minimum wage, to $17K, then $37K, then $75K then to $150K plus – without a college degree.

Mental Bank

You can learn it and use it to help you Get The Goals You Set. You can listen to these episodes where I explain the Mental Bank Method:

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