S3-I1 – Tanner Gers – Not letting obstacles get in the way of your goals

Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers


I met Tanner online in one of the Facebook groups I frequent. Tanner, like me, is a motivational speaker and podcaster. I heard Tanner’s story on several podcasts and I was impressed and inspired by Tanner’s ability to overcome the obstacles put in front of him.

After hearing Tanner’s story, I wanted to interview him for Goal Getting Podcast so you could hear him, learn from him and understand that we don’t have to let obstacles keep us from achieving our goals.

I was attending a National Speaker’s Association (@NSASpeaker ) Video Lab in Tempe, Arizona. I posted I was in Tempe on my Facebook page and Tanner, a Facebook friend, connected on Facebook and said he would love to meetup while I was in town, since he lived nearby.

I met up with Tanner and his lovely wife for dinner and we went back to my hotel. We both had been wanting to speak to each other and interview each other on our podcasts. So, we did!.  We met in the hotel lobby, with the music playing and other NSA members chatting in the background.

Listen to Tanner’s story on Goal Getting Podcast.

  • How he quiets the inner voices.
  • How giving forgiveness made his life better.
  • How to use breathing to help make your life better.

What Quote Hangs On Your Wall? –

Make plans like an adult, believe in them like a child. - Jim Rohn Click To Tweet


“Doing is the new planning.” – Joel Boggess (@JoelBoggess ) a friend and mentor to both Tanner and me.


Tanner interviewed me on his Podcast. Here’s an extra bonus. Click Here to listen to Tanner hear as well.


About Tanner Gers

Tanner is a keynote speaker, writer, and podcaster who is passionate about self-development, organizational development, and disability advocacy.

To inquire about Tanner’s availability to speak at your event, on your podcast, or for media inquiries, please email his booking manager Keli here, or through the website here.

Connect with Tanner:

Tanner Gers Website

Tanner on Twitter

Recommended Book:

Getting to No

The Miracle, Six Steps to Enlightenment – Joe Vitale

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