Top 3 Reasons To Start My Podcast

When I was in class last year, I overheard my classmate behind me talking to another classmate.  Juliano was saying,

I don’t even listen to the radio anymore, all I listen to is podcasts.

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When I heard that, my brain just kind of went, “Whahaat?”

All of a sudden, I was back in 2005. I was doing my podcast, talking about the “Fulton County Courthouse Killer” and what a sorry piece of crap he was for killing the innocent people in that courtroom, taking the young woman hostage in her apartment and holding her for days forcing her to make him pancakes for breakfast……

I used to be a podcaster. I had a blog, then turned it into a podcast after I heard Adam Currey, a former MTV VJ on a podcast.  I thought then, in 2005, that this podcasting thing will catch on someday and I wanted to be a part of it.

Well, my goals got in the way.  It wasn’t a bad thing? I had a goal to be a CIO for a mortgage company back in the mid 90’s and now I was.  I had a passion for Enterprise Content Management and Workflow Automation in the mortgage business. I was enjoying implementing the Hyland Software OnBase product in our company. I was traveling to New Jersey several times a month and having a great time.  I forgot about podcasting and blogging.

The techniques I had learned in my lifetime of studying goals and goal setting had paid off. I was making great money.  I had achieved my goals.  Along the way I had also increased my income by over 400% since I started using the goal setting and mental techniques I had learned years ago.  My career was going strong and I was in my dream job.

Then my position with my company was eliminated.

No worries. I will start my new career that I had wanted to do. I would become a Loan Officer. I had watched them as I was building the IT department and wanted to get into sales and help people achieve the American Dream, own their own home.  The head of the same companies where I was working accepting my request and sent me to school to be a Loan Officer.  I passed the classes and started building my business.

In sales you must learn that it is better to provide value for your customers before trying to sell them. Realtors were my customers.  I started putting together a course on Goal Setting and teach the Realtors and other Loan Officers how to Get the Goals they set.  Peoples in sales must set goals and are driven to achieve their goals.  The program I put together I called Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em. I presented this to several real estate companies and eventually got it certified as a continuing education course for Realtors.  I enjoyed teaching this program to community groups, Chambers of Commerce members, etc.  I only wished that I could get it out to more people.

Well, as you know the mortgage industry had a downturn, or CRASH, as it is referred to.  It was difficult to make a living as a Loan Officer and I was given the opportunity to work with a company on the OnBase ECM system again.  I took the position and moved to California after a couple years of hard times.  I taught part of the Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em program to my new staff.  I kept wanting to start training people again with this program.

Busy in the new position I soon forgot about trying to share this great program.  Until I was in a marketing class last year and I heard the words, “….I only listen to podcasts…”

I started thinking about this. I should start a podcast!

  1. I have a program that can help people learn to achieve their goals.
  2. I love to mentor people and encourage them to be better, to improve.
  3. I love to teach people and speak in public.  I enjoy doing this and it brings me happiness.

So, why not start Podcasting as a way to get the word out about the Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em program and help people become successful at setting and achieving their goals.

I started to set my goal to create and publish a podcast to share my program to to people that want to achieve their goals.  I set my goal with a deadline, created an action plan and set about to achieve my goal.  You will be able to hear the achievement of that goal when I launch the Goal Getting Podcast soon.

You can find out about the launch before anyone else just by joining the Goal Getter Nation.  We will email you news of the launch date and a link to the podcast on iTunes.

If you join the Goal Getter Nation before we launch the Goal Getting Podcast I will send you a FREE Copy of my new eBook, 9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement.

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This eBook has been one of my goals for years as well.  When I created the Goal Getting program, I wanted to share the 9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement to teach my friends how to set goals effectively and efficiently for maximum Goal Achievement.

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Make today a great day and Get the Goals You Set!

About the author, Tony

I am the founder and host of Goal Getting™ Podcast. GGP was launched February 25, 2015.
I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a professional speaker and you can find out more about what I speak about and hire me to speak to your organization by visiting